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Pose-aware Outfit Transfer between Unpaired in-the-wild Fashion Images

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Donnaphat Trakulwaranont, Marc A. Kastner, Shin'ichi Satoh

Virtual try-on systems became popular for visualizing outfits, due to the importance of individual fashion in many communities. The objective of such a system is to transfer a piece of clothing to another person while preserving its detail and characteristics. To generate a realistic in-the-wild image, it needs visual optimization of the clothing, background and target person, making this task still very challenging. In this paper, we develop a method that generates realistic try-on images with unpaired images from in-the-wild datasets. Our proposed method starts with generating a mock-up paired image using geometric transfer. Then, the target's pose information is adjusted using a modified pose-attention module. We combine a reconstruction and a content loss to preserve the detail and style of the transferred clothing, background and the target person. We evaluate the approach on the Fashionpedia dataset and can show a promising performance over a baseline approach.
Type: Short paper at ACM Multimedia Asia (MMAsia) 2021
Date: To be published in December 2021

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