Last updated: May 15th, 2017

DeNoVo malloc: Validating Data in Persistent Memory

Arthur Martens, Rouven Scholz, Phil Lindow, Marc A. Kastner, Rüdiger Kapitza
Poster at Eurosys, April 2017

Video Streaming for Foveated High-resolution Rendering

Marc A. Kastner
Master thesis, February 2016

Robust binocular pupil detection for a mobile computing platform

Marc A. Kastner
Project thesis, August 2015

The Split Grid - A Hierarchical 1D-Grid-based Acceleration Data Structure for Ray Tracing

Pablo Bauszat, Marc A. Kastner, Martin Eisemann, Marcus Magnor
Poster at Eurographics, March 201

Using sparse optical flow for two-phase gas flow capturing with multiple kinect

Kai Berger, Marc A. Kastner, Yannic Schroeder, Stefan Guthe
Computer Vision and Machine Learning with RGB-D Sensors, Adv. Comp. Vision and Pat. Rec., 2014

The Split Grid

Marc A. Kastner.
Bachelor thesis, April 2013

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