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An Approach to Generate a Caption for an Image Collection using Scene Graph Generation

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Authoren: Itthisak Phueaksri, Marc A. Kastner, Yasutomo Kawanishi, Takahiro Komamizu, Ichiro Ide


Summarization is a challenging task that aims to generate a summary by grasping common information of a given set of information. Text summarization is a popular task of determining the topic or generating a textual summary of documents. In contrast, image summarization aims to find a representative summary of a collection of images. However, current methods are still restricted to generating a visual scene graph, tags, and noun phrases, but cannot generate a fitting textual description of an image collection. Thus, we introduce a novel framework for generating a summarized caption of an image collection. Since scene graph generation shows advancement in describing objects and their relationships on a single image, we use it in the proposed method to generate a scene graph for each image in an image collection. Then, we find common objects and their relationships from all scene graphs and represent them as a summarized scene graph. For this, we merge all scene graphs and select part of it by estimating the most common objects and relationships. Finally, the summarized scene graph is input into a captioning model. In addition, we introduce a technique to generalize specific words in the final caption into common concept words incorporating external knowledge. To evaluate the proposed method, we construct a dataset for this task by extending the annotation of the MS-COCO dataset using an image retrieval method. The evaluation of the proposed method on this dataset showed promising performance compared to text summarization-based methods.

Typ: Journal paper at IEEE Access, vol. 11, pp. 128245-128260

Veröffentlichungsdatum: November 2023

DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2023.3332098


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